Welcome to the Murad Resource Center

Welcome to the Murad Skin Care Center. Whether you are searching for advice on acne treatments, anti aging and anti wrinkle skin care and advice or just skin care information for different skin types and lifestyles, you can find it here. Murad founder, celebrity dermatologist and best-selling author Dr. Howard Murad provides complete advice and expert information on how to get healthy, glowing skin no matter what your age, environment or skin type.

If your skin is acne-prone, the Murad Acne Treatment & Resource Center explains the causes of acne and the science behind blemishes. Product recommendations and treatment advice for acne breakouts, back acne and acne scars and post-acne marks are covered in detail.

If your skin is showing the signs of aging, the Murad Anti Aging Treatment & Resource center explains how wrinkles form as well as how to prevent and minimize them. You’ll also learn about sun spots and age spots and how to fade them.

In the Murad Skin Care Treatment & Resource Center, you’ll find information on treating just about any kin type as well as information on getting beautiful skin from the inside out with Inclusive Health® practices. you’ll also find specific skin care advice for just about any kind of lifestyle challenge.

At Murad, our goal is to help you achieve healthy, beautiful skin and gain the self-confidence that comes long with it. Everything you’ll need to know on your journey to beautiful skin is right here!