How can you treat breakouts on your back and body effectively?

Your acne breakouts may not be limited to your face. Back and body acne can be just as persistent as facial acne. Read on for advice on how to get rid of back and body acne.

Back acne (sometimes referred to as “bacne”) and body acne are essentially the same and are formed by the same process as acne on your face. In short, the skin cells within a follicle clog it and cause the buildup of oil, which results in acne causing bacteria. However, unlike the acne on your face, the pores on your back and body are much larger and produce much more oil than those on your face. For this reason, back and body acne sufferers may experience more occurrences of inflammatory acne, rather than non-inflammatory acne. That means larger nodule and cystic blemishes that are not only cosmetically undesirable but often painful and uncomfortable.

Treatments for Back and Body Acne

Causes of Back Acne

There are two distinct categories to discuss when talking about the causes of back and body acne. The first category includes the general causes of acne, because the same factors that cause acne breakouts on your face also cause back and body acne. The second category, often unique to back and body acne, is acne mechanica, or acne caused by skin irritations. Back acne (or “bacne”) and body acne may result from either of these causes. Based on the information below, you can determine whether your back and body acne is caused by the typical acne triggers, acne mechanica or a combination of both. Then you can determine the best way to treat it.

General Causes of Back and Body Acne: Your back and body acne may be an extension of the same factors that cause acne breakouts on your face; if the skin on your face is prone to acne flare-ups, then it’s likely that your back and body acne is due to a related cause. The most common cause of body acne is hormonal acne, which is the root cause for the overproduction of oil that often triggers breakouts and has also been linked to the overproduction of skin cells that leads to clogged pores. However, acne can also be caused or triggered by diet, stress, exposure to toxins and even reactions to makeup or skin care products. While your back and body acne is most likely caused by hormonal triggers, all of these other factors may be contributing to your “bacne,” or back acne, and body acne breakouts.

Acne Mechanica: As noted above, acne mechanica refers specifically to acne that’s caused by an irritation to the skin. And the skin on your back may be particularly susceptible to acne breakouts caused by irritation. Think of all of the things that may rub up against your back and irritate your skin on a daily basis: tight-fitting clothing, backpacks, workout and weight-lifting machines, the backs of chairs or car seats, and even your mattress. The list is almost endless. Acne mechanica is also aggravated by moisture, so if sweat gets trapped against your back or body, the situation will worsen. Even the clothes you wear trap a certain amount of oil and dirt against your skin, which can worsen back and body acne breakouts, regardless of whether they’re caused by acne mechanica or by hormonal or lifestyle factors.

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Back Acne Treatments and How to Get Rid of Back and Body Acne

If you experience back and body acne breakouts, including bacne, there are three approaches you should use to find a treatment for your back and body acne and get clear skin. First, look for effective back and body acne treatment products. Second, implement good skin care habits to prevent your back and body from becoming an ideal breeding ground for bacne and body acne. And finally, incorporate the principles of Inclusive Health® into your lifestyle to make your skin healthier overall.

Back and Body Acne Treatment Products: Though your back and body acne treatment products should provide many of the same benefits as the acne treatment products you use on your face, there are some differences between the two. However, both your facial acne treatment and your bacne or body acne treatment should:

  • Exfoliate the top layer of your skin as well as the dead skin cells beneath the skin’s surface in order to help reduce clogged pores. Murad Acne Body Wash does both.
  • Deliver acne medications deep beneath the skin’s surface to kill acne causing bacteria, like Murad Acne Body Wash and Murad Clarifying Body Spray do.
  • Help clear up your acne without irritating or over-drying your skin, which can cause additional breakouts.

However, unlike your facial acne treatment, your bacne or body acne treatment should:

  • Contain a stronger, possibly even textured exfoliating agent, since the skin on your back and body is rougher than the skin on your face.
  • Include a dispenser that makes it easier to apply your acne medication or treatment to hard-to-reach areas like your back.

Treating Back and Body Acne by Making Daily Changes: Back and body acne is often caused by acne mechanica. But even if it’s hormonally driven and aggravated by sweat and dirt trapped against the skin, making a few simple lifestyle changes can help you get rid of back and body acne.

  • Stop wearing tight-fitting clothing. The more tightly your clothing fits against your body, the more it will trap dirt, oil and sweat against your skin. Switch to looser-fitting clothing that will allow your skin to breathe during the day.
  • Get rid of the synthetic fabrics. This isn’t just an important fashion tip! Synthetic fabrics make it harder for your skin to breathe and trap dirt, oil, dead skin and sweat against your body.
  • When you can’t shower, spray. If you have back or body acne, it’s important to fight acne-causing bacteria daily. On that days that you can’t (or don’t want to) shower, use a topical acne-fighting spray, like Murad Clarifying Body Spray, to treat your acne.

Treating Back and Body Acne Through Inclusive Health®

In order for the skin on your back and body to be acne-free, it needs to be healthy—and healthy skin begins from the inside out. Dr. Murad’s best-selling book The Water Secret explains in detail how Inclusive Health® can help you achieve healthy, beautiful skin. However, here are some quick tips to help you get clearer skin through Inclusive Health®.

  • Diet: Limit fast foods and processed foods and eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables that are high in antioxidants.
  • Hydration: Healthy skin is hydrated skin. “Eat” your water daily by having plenty of water-rich fruits and vegetables that encourage beautiful, clear skin.
  • Sleep: Sleep deprivation weakens all the cells in your body, including your skin cells, so be sure to get seven to eight hours of sleep per night.
  • Cultural Stress: We can’t escape stress entirely, but we can minimize it. Stress can result in acne breakouts, so find ways to minimize stress in your life.
  • Toxins and Pollutants: Be sure to take advantage of any opportunity that you have to minimize your exposure to environmental toxins and pollutants!

Ready to learn more? Next we’ll discuss acne scar treatments, post acne mark treatments and acne spot treatments.

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What Did You Just Learn About Acne Treatment Products?

In this section of the Murad Acne Resource Guide, you should have learned the following key points:

  • Back acne (sometimes called “bacne”) and body acne forms the same way as facial acne, when clogged pores cause the buildup of oil and acne causing bacteria.
  • Because the pores on your back are larger and produce more oil, back and body acne may turn into inflammatory acne more often than facial acne does.
  • The causes of back and body acne may be the same as facial acne (hormones, stress, diet and lifestyle choices), or they may be more closely related to acne mechanica.
  • Acne mechanica refers to acne caused by skin irritations, which may result from clothing and other items that come in contact with the skin on your back and body daily.
  • Bacne and body acne treatment products should exfoliate the top layer of skin and the dead skin cells beneath the surface, while providing bacteria-fighting acne medication to clear breakouts.
  • Back and body acne can be reduced by wearing looser-fitting clothing made of natural fabrics and cleansing the skin regularly.
  • Incorporating Inclusive Health® into your back and body acne treatment plan can help reduce and eliminate acne breakouts.

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Acne Treatment Product Resources

In addition to the product recommendations included in this section, you may find the following Murad products helpful in your acne treatment program.

Ane Body Wash

Murad Acne Body Wash

Date Seed Powder exfoliates away rough outer skin, Salicylic Acid clears up acne and prevents new breakouts, and Triclosan eliminates acne-causing bacteria for a clear back and body.

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Murad Clarifying Body Spray

Simply spray to exfoliate and slough away pore-clogging dead skin cells and fight acne causing bacteria. This spray works great with Murad Acne Body Wash or on its own when you don’t have time for a full shower.

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Murad Pure Skin® Clarifying Dietary Supplement

Acne-free skin on your back and body starts from the inside out. This dietary supplement reduces breakouts while encouraging consistently clear, healthy skin.

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