With age, the amount of skin-firming collagen in our bodies begins to decrease as existing collagen breaks down and the production of new collagen slows. At the same time, the elastin that gives skin its smooth appearance begins to weaken. The severity of these signs of aging and the age at which they first begin to appear are largely determined by your genetic makeup. Fine lines and wrinkles are the most obvious signs of Genetic Aging, or the aging that naturally occurs as we get older. However, you can minimize and treat the signs of Genetic Aging with the right skin care products.

What Is Genetic Aging?

What is Genetic Aging?

Learn about the biological science behind Genetic Aging, how it affects the firmness and texture of your skin, and how you can help prevent and treat the signs of Genetic Aging. Learn More...
Best Treatments and Skin Care Products for Genetic Aging

Anti Aging Products for Genetic Aging

Learn about Murad Age Reform® skin care products, which are specially formulated to combat the signs of Genetic Aging, including fine lines and wrinkles. Learn More...