Treatments and Skin Care Products for Genetic Aging

The signs of Genetic Aging include lines, wrinkles and looser, sagging skin. Learn about the best anti aging products to address these concerns.

Genetic Aging causes lines and wrinkles over time, as well as an overall loosening of the skin. But by using the best anti aging and anti wrinkle products for Genetic Aging, you can minimize and delay these signs of aging on your skin. Murad Age Reform® products are specifically formulated to address the factors that cause Genetic Aging while treating its visible signs. Read on to learn what makes this skin care line so effective and which Age Reform products are the highest rated by customers.

What Should a Genetic Aging Treatment Do?
The best anti aging treatments for Genetic Aging help skin look firmer, fuller and younger in three key ways.

Restore Firmness Through Hydration:As you age, collagen production declines and the skin produces less natural moisture. When the skin becomes dehydrated, lines and wrinkles appear deeper and more noticeable. A skin care product to combat Genetic Aging will restore moisture to your skin, which will also decrease the appearance of lines and wrinkles.To topically restore moisture, you’ll want to incorporate both a daytime moisturizer and a nighttime moisturizer. Your daytime moisturizer should be long-lasting but lightweight enough to be comfortable and should include SPF sun protection. Your nighttime moisturizer can be richer and include ingredients to restore your skin while you sleep. You’ll also want to be sure to hydrate internally by eating your water as described in Dr. Murad’s best-selling book, The Water Secret.

Work to Combat the Breakdown of Collagen: Perhaps the most important element of an anti aging skin care treatment for Genetic Aging is that it helps to slow down the breakdown of collagen or actively promote collagen production. Ingredients such as Retinol and Beta-Carotene have been proven to help restore and support collagen production in aging skin. The most effective anti wrinkle products for Genetic Aging address the collagen reduction that happens with age.

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Retinol Anti Wrinkle Treatments and Creams

Increase Cell Turnover: Over time, old, dead skin cells accumulate on the skin’s surface. In order to reveal the newer, younger-looking skin underneath, you need to exfoliate to lift away the older skin on the surface. Anti aging skin care products that contain exfoliating agents, such as alpha hydroxy acids and beta hydroxy acids (AHAs and BHAs), increase cell turnover, bringing new skin cells to the surface. To reduce the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin caused by Genetic Aging, your anti aging treatment should effectively promote active cell turnover.

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Products for Genetic Aging for Every Step of Your Skin Care Routine

The best anti aging products aren’t limited to moisturizers and creams. The Murad three-step skin care regimen effectively combats the signs of Genetic Aging with each step.

Cleanse/Tone:Even your skin cleanser can help to combat the signs of Genetic Aging by infusing the skin with moisture. While cleansing your face too often or using harsh cleansers can strip your skin of moisture, using a deeply moisturizing cleanser will help prevent hydration loss. And if you use an exfoliating cleanser that contains alpha hydroxy a cids and beta hydroxy acids, like Murad AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser, you can also help improve cell turnover while you cleanse.

Treat/Repair: The second step of the Murad three-step skin regimen is Treat/Repair. Treatments contain the highest level of active ingredients and provide the most visible results. Some treatment products can be used daily, like Murad Complete Reform or Murad Sleep Reform® Serum, while others are intended for weekly use, like Murad Intensive Resurfacing Peel.

Hydrate/Protect: To keep your skin hydrated and protected while fighting the signs of Genetic Aging, use a daytime moisturizer with sunscreen as well as a richer night cream that provides more intense hydration. Keeping your skin properly hydrated skin both topically and internally will help keep it smooth and glowing while reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

If Genetic Aging is your primary anti aging skin care concern, try Murad Age Reform® products and get visibly firmer, younger-looking skin.

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Product Resources for Genetic Aging

The Murad Age Reform® line of products is specifically formulated to combat the signs of Genetic Aging.

Murad Intensive Wrinkle Reducer®

Murad Intensive Wrinkle Reducer®

From the Murad Age Reform® collection of anti wrinkle treatments, Intensive Wrinkle Reducer® reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, increases skin firmness and improves overall skin tone.

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Murad Age Reform® Night Regimen

Murad Age Reform® Night Regimen

Using Retinol, Salicylic and Glycolic Acids, Murad Age Reform products increase cell turnover and lift newer, fresher skin cells to the surface–for skin that’s younger looking with fewer lines and wrinkles.

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Murad Complete Reform

Murad Complete Reform

This best-selling anti-aging treatment increases skin firmness by up to 61% after just one application. It also reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and exfoliates to improve skin texture.

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What Did You Just Learn About Products for Genetic Aging?

In this section of the Murad Anti Aging Skin Care and Resource Center, you should have learned the following points:

  • Anti aging treatments for Genetic Aging should hydrate the skin, which will also help to minimize the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of aging.
  • Anti aging products for Genetic Aging should combat the breakdown of collagen or promote collagen production.
  • Products that minimize the signs of Genetic Aging improve cell turnover to lift newer, younger-looking skin to the surface.
  • The Murad three-step skin care regimen fights the signs of Genetic Aging with every step.

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