Face WeinklesFace wrinkles make us look older and feel older. Learn how to prevent and combat face wrinkles from the anti wrinkle experts at Murad.

As we age, wrinkles form on our skin–around our eyes, on our necks, even on other parts of our bodies. However, the wrinkles on our face are usually the first ones we notice and the ones we’re the most concerned with. And they’re certainly the main reason that people buy anti wrinkle treatments. While face wrinkles are unavoidable, understanding how those wrinkles form, how to prevent and delay them, and how to treat face wrinkles can help keep your face smoother and younger-looking for many years to come.

Causes of Face Wrinkles
Wrinkles on your face can occur as a result of Genetic Aging, Hormonal Aging or Environmental Aging. But those aren’t the only causes of face wrinkles. Over time, gravity increases the depth of wrinkles on the face. And if you smoke, your face wrinkles will probably appear earlier and be even more pronounced.

Genetic Aging and Wrinkles: Genetic Aging occurs with age as the production of skin-firming collagen slows and the elastin in skin that gives it its springy quality weakens. As collagen diminishes, the skin loses its firmness, which makes wrinkles more evident. And as elastin weakens, the skin loses its ability to spring back, making it more susceptible to wrinkles. Genetic Aging is a long process that occurs over many years, although how early it begins will depend on your genetic makeup.

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Gravity: While gravity itself doesn’t cause wrinkles, it causes the facial features to drop over time, which exaggerates the appearance and depth of wrinkles. To help counteract these effects, use products that firm the skin and minimize the signs of aging.
Hormonal Aging: For women, the hormonal changes leading up to menopause play a key role in the development of wrinkles. That’s because the onset of menopause triggers a significant loss of collagen, giving the skin a “droopy” look that worsens the appearance of wrinkles. While the biology of this process is similar to that of Genetic Aging, the timing and root cause of the collagen loss is directly related to hormonal changes.

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Facial Wrinkles and Cigarette Smoking: Smoking worsens deep wrinkles on your face. Each time you smoke, you inhale over 400 toxins that can age the skin and cause face wrinkles. In studies, researchers have been able to identify lifelong smokers simply by comparing the aging features on their faces with those of nonsmokers.
Wrinkles Caused by Environmental Aging: Exposure to UV rays and environmental toxins forms free radicals that attack the body’s cells. This process slows collagen production and causes existing collagen to deteriorate, triggering wrinkles on your face and the rest of your body.

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Preventing Face Wrinkles
While there’s no way to stop the aging process, we can take a number of steps to prevent wrinkles from forming on our face.

Adopt an Inclusive Health® Approach: Taking care of your body from the inside out will give you smoother, younger-looking skin and a healthier body. Eat a diet rich in antioxidants, reduce Cultural Stress™ in your life, get enough sleep and minimize your exposure to environmental toxins and pollutants. All of these steps will help keep your skin healthy and younger-looking.

Use Sun Protection: UV ray exposure is the biggest cause of skin damage and premature aging, including wrinkles and sun and age spots on the face. To prevent sun damage, use skin care with an SPF daily and use a powerful sun block when spending extended time outdoors.

Stay Hydrated: Healthy, hydrated skin stays firmer and smoother longer. In addition to using a day moisturizer and a night cream to keep your skin hydrated from the outside, be sure to keep your skin hydrated from the inside by “eating your water.” For more on taking care of your skin and your health from the inside out, read Dr. Murad’s best-selling book The Water Secret.

Don’t Smoke Cigarettes: There are numerous health reasons why you shouldn’t smoke cigarettes. Not only that, but smoking is a major cause of aging skin and wrinkles. Youthful-looking skin is healthy skin, and you can’t have healthy skin if you smoke.

Treating Face Wrinkles What are the best ways to treat facial wrinkles? A combination of Inclusive Health® and anti wrinkle and anti aging products can improve skin’s appearance, smoothness and youthfulness at any age.

Treating Face Wrinkles With Inclusive Health®: Inclusive Health® is Dr. Murad’s integrated approach that helps create a stronger, healthier body by creating stronger, healthier cells. Since healthy skin begins with healthy cells, this approach is effective both for treating wrinkles and preventing the development of wrinkles. To adopt an Inclusive approach to skin care, start by eating an anti aging diet that includes foods rich in antioxidants, such as fruits and vegetables, to counteract free radical damage and help keep your skin youthful looking. Antioxidants are nature’s warriors against free radicals, skin-damaging molecules that speed up the breakdown of collagen and accelerate skin aging. Additionally, hydrate your skin from within by “eating your water” daily to restore skin’s firmness and fullness. Finally, reduce Cultural Stress in your life and minimize your exposure to toxins.

Anti Wrinkle Skin Care Products for Your Face: An effective anti wrinkle cream or serum for your face should treat wrinkles with a threefold approach. First and foremost, anti wrinkle products for your face should restore lost moisture and help your skin retain moisture to improve fullness and firmness. They should also include anti aging ingredients that will help to slow down collagen deterioration while strengthening elastin. Finally, the best anti aging face products will help to improve cell turnover, lifting newer, younger-looking skin to the surface and helping anti wrinkle ingredients to penetrate your skin more effectively. We’ll discuss the best anti wrinkle creams later in this resource section.

Ready to learn more? Next we’ll discuss the development and treatment of wrinkles on your neck.

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Product Resources for Facial Wrinkles

If you’re looking for a treatment to minimize the appearance of lines and wrinkles, try the following Murad skin care and anti aging products.

Murad Age-Diffusing Serum

Murad Age-Diffusing Serum

From the Murad Resurgence® line of anti aging products, this anti aging serum reduces the appearance of medium-to-deep wrinkles, increases skin firmness and inhibits collagen breakdown.

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Murad Intensive Wrinkle Reducer® for Eyes

Murad Intensive Wrinkle Reducer® for Eyes

From the Murad Age Reform® collection of anti wrinkle treatments, Intensive Wrinkle Reducer® reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, increases skin firmness and improves overall skin tone.

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Murad Complete Reform

Murad Complete Reform

Also from the Age Reform anti wrinkle collection, Complete Reform increases skin firmness, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and exfoliates to improve skin texture.

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What Did You Just Learn About Face Wrinkles?

In this section of the Murad Anti Aging Skin Care and Resource Center, you should have learned the
following points:

  • Wrinkles on your face are caused by the breakdown of collagen and elastin, which may be the result of Genetic Aging, Hormonal Aging or Environmental Aging.
  • Gravity can deepen and worsen the appearance of facial wrinkles.
  • Smoking cigarettes is proven to increase the development and severity of facial wrinkles.
  • To prevent face wrinkles, adopt an Inclusive Health® approach, stay hydrated from the inside and the outside, reduce sun damage and UV exposure and don’t smoke cigarettes.
  • To treat face wrinkles, combine an Inclusive Health® approach that includes eating an antioxidant-rich anti aging diet and keeping your skin hydrated with great anti wrinkle skin care products.

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